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We are happy to answer all your taxi and accessible transportation questions. Check out some of the common questions below or feel free to Contact Us if you need more information.

Are your drivers properly trained?

Yes, all our operators are properly licensed as taxicab operators (Vehicle for Hire Driver) by the City of Toronto. In order to get your taxi cab license, you must complete a course.

Once they have the Toronto taxicab license or Vehicle for Hire license, they may complete the Accessible Vehicle Training Course.

SCC is proud to be the first taxicab brokerage to be approved by the City of Toronto to offer the Accessible Vehicle Training Course.

All drivers must complete an annual Driver Refresher course. They also get one-on-one coaching depending on their needs.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting the Accessible Training or becoming an operator, contact our team and we will be happy to assist.

How much do you charge?

The City of Toronto set the standard rate for all taxis. As many as four people can get inside our taxis and the meter starts at $4.25 for the first 143 metres. After that the meter registers an increase of .25 for each extra 143 metres. If you want the driver to wait the cost is .25 for 29 seconds.

To make this more understandable, four people making a trip of about one kilometre would pay about $2.50 each.

As seat belts allow each additional passenger over four is $2.00 flat rate

What kind of vehicles do you have?

We pride ourselves in offering some of the newest and cleanest vehicles. Many of our sedans are hybrid and it is the aim of Scarborough City Cab to continue to have a fleet with the greatest number of green vehicles and accessible vans.

Many of our accessible vans are contracted to TTC Wheel-Trans but we are proud to offer on-demand wheelchair accessible vans for everyone, at any time at the usual taxi rate.

Click here for an overview of our fleet.

How do I send feedback about my ride?

We always welcome your feedback. You may send us your comments in a variety of ways:

Do you take advanced reservations?

Absolutely! You can book a taxi on line or phone us up to two (2) weeks in advance.

How long will I wait before the cab arrives?

On normal days you may expect your sedan taxi to arrive within 8 to 10 minutes of your request.

During bad weather, unusual traffic situations or rush hour you may have to wait longer.

The dispatcher will be able to give you a more accurate estimated time of arrival.

Are your vehicles insured?

All our vehicles are fully insured with Commercial Auto Insurance.

Can I get a flat rate to the airport?

Yes, you can get a flat rate to Pearson Airport. Ask the dispatcher when you call us to book a taxi. The driver will run the meter but only charge you the flat rate or the metered rate if it is cheaper.

Can I set up a corporate account?

Yes, any company or organization is welcome to set-up a corporate account. It’s a very efficient way to manage all your taxicab needs. You also get a direct phone number for booking taxicabs.

You can simply fill out the Corporate Account form which can be requested from [email protected] We will review the form within 48 hours.

Once approved, you will receive taxi charge slips with your unique account number. You may distribute the charge slips as you like and they can be filled out and signed off when using a cab. The rider does not have to pay anything at the time. A monthly invoice will be sent with all supporting receipts.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?

Yes, taxis with the City of Toronto sticker will gladly accept debit and credit cards and an additional charge will be made.

Do you have wheelchair accessible vehicles?

Yes, we specialize in accessible taxi and paratransit service. Almost 70% of our fleet of our taxis is wheelchair accessible minivans with side-loading ramps.

You may see our white TTC Wheel-Trans accessible contract vans as you travel around the city.

We also offer on-demand accessible taxi service. Just contact us and ask for an accessible van when booking a taxi.

Do you deliver parcels and packages?

Absolutely! Not only do we deliver parcels and packages, we often do it cheaper and faster than most parcel deliver companies.

We just charge the meter rate and your package or parcel gets priority service just like you were in the cab. Contact us just like you would book a taxi for your next delivery need.

We hope these answers were helpful. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We look forward to talking and serving you!

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